About Tasmin

+ Facts +

Name: Tasmin
Age: Nineteen
Birthday: 15th January
Location: Scotland, UK
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: Err .. 5ft.5 ?
Relationship Status: In A Relationship
Siblings: Sister & Brother
Facebook: http://facebook.com/tasmin.cassidy
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Housexxxxy

+ Favorites +

Colour: Pastels
Movie: Home Alone, Harry Potter Series
TV Show: I ♥ Vampire Diaries, Hell Cats, Gossip Girl, The Kardashians, Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, The Only Way Is Essex, The Hills, Lauguna Beach, Newport Harbor, Sex & The City, 8 Simple Rules, RECESS, Come Dine With Me, Two and a Half Men .. ETC ...
Food: Steaks, Fajhitas, Fast Food
Drink: Cocktails, Red Bull
Cosmetic Brand: So hard to choose .. MAC , smashbox, benefit, illamasqua, NARS, ELF, Sleek, YSL

+ My Own Words +

fooooooooooooooooood ♥ such a food junkie, going out, ordering in, anything greasy and bad for you (why don’t mcdonalds or KFC deliver to your home?!?) ... partial to cooking up a storm in the kitchen when I can be bothered, fake tanning .. some good back-combing action, va-va-voooooming my hair ( higher the hair the closer you are to heaven ;] ) days off work, shopping, love river island, topshop and asos spending money, I LOVE MAKE-UP, and gorgeous perfumes, chanel mademoiselle and miss dior ♥ .. Christmassy time shopping in the city, love laying in bed when its raining, getting post/mail, magazines, chocolate, traaaaaaaance/dance music ♥ .. pub lunches, pretty underwear, reading, HARRY POTTER, twilight, home alone ♥ mrs doubtfire, love my camera and taking loads of pictures, tattoos, MEGAN FOX shes so beautiful, false eyelashes, nice nail varnish colours, people that have the motivation to go to the gym and/or do some form of exercise, patterned tights or leggings, skinny jeans, joggies, baseball trainers, big cozy knitted cardys, my mobile phone .. id be lost without it, big fat blingy watches, platform shoooooooes, yankee candles, links of london ....

+ Photos Of Me +