St Moritz DARK

Hi Dolls,
So I recently purchased the St Moritz self tanning mousse in 'dark' and what a HUGE mistake that was. This is most definitely the worse self tanner I have ever used. I have been eager to try this for a while now, as I have heard mixed reviews and have had a good experience using the original St Moritz. This tan is avalible from a variety of places (local chemists, online, discount stores) for around £2.99 for 200ml. St Moritz comes in mousse, spray and 'soufflé'. I found the formula to be; and the mousse to turn; very runny compared to the original. The colour is a lot darker, which was expected. I had exfoliated first using the 'Fake Bake - Rough To Buff Body Polish' which I purchased from New Look for £4.99 which I highly recommend (it smells amazing and leaves your skin really soft) and applied the tan using a tanning mitt which is essential to avoid over stained hands. I tanned my full body very quickly (due to my mitt - if you don't have one, please invest in one you wont regret it) and took care going over knee's, elbows, ankles and any dry areas. I left the tan to develop overnight, and rinsed it off in the morning. The colour was uneven and streaky and was a lot darker than I had anticipated. The worst thing I found about this tan, was that when it fades (I noticed it had started fading the second morning) it goes really cracked, sort of snake-skin like, which was disgusting. It also seemed impossible to remove from my skin. I tried various exfoliators and tan removers but nothing seemed to shift it. St Moritz DARK for me, was a total let down. I doubt very much that I would ever use it again, and wouldn't recommend it.

Have you used this tan before ? How was your experience with it ? 

 St Moritz Original & St Moritz DARK 

St Moritz DARK

Fake Bake Rough to Buff Body Polish ;

£4.99 @ New Look

St Moritz DARK on my hand ;

as you can see the mousse formula is turning watery very quickly

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  1. aaah the cracky thing is my problem too! thanks for the review!