Hair rehab is a company founded and designed by Lauren Pope ( DJ, Model, Cast Member on T.O.W.I.E) which offers Clip-in hair extensions.
On her official site www.hairrehablondon.com Lauren states ;
"Our 100% human hair extensions are the affordable and achievable option for longer and fuller hair, giving you the option to style or dye your hair as desired. We have used a completely unique design making the process far more comfortable, easy and effortless whilst giving you a completely natural look within minutes."
The extensions come in one pack, that will cover the full head and are available in 18 or 20 inches in length. There are a variety of shades to choose from and will cost you around £80. The extensions can be cut and coloured to any shade or style you like, and can be worn whenever - as they are not permanent. Many celebrities have tried and loved these extensions  such as Maria Fowler, Bianca Gascoigne, Nicola Mclean and Katie Price ( if its good enough for them, its good enough for me) ! I am going to purchase these extensions within the next week ( changing my hair colour from red/plum to dark brown & need new brown extensions ) .. so I will defiantly be sure to do a review for you guys .. but by the sounds of it, they have had a fantastic reception so far ! I have used clip-in extensions for years and find them so much more manageable and affordable than glue-in bonded extensions - something that I have also tried various times and each time has caused serious damage to my hair.
Check out the Hair Rehab site for yourself ; 


Speeking of Hair Rehab .. my own hair is really dry and damaged at the moment. It has been abused by my constant colouring and curling/straighting. I have been wearing it tied up alot at the moment, just to give it a break, and have been using this product the past few weeks ;

Wella Professionals Care Enrich Dry Hair Medium Conditioning Mask. Which is avaliabe for £19.98 for a 500ml Tub. Costly - but worth the money, I have noticed my hair more soft and healthy looking. This product is a must for people ( like myself ) that tend to forget the heat protection spray or colour their hair often. You can purchase this item HERE :)

What products do you use ? Has anyone tried Hair Rehab Extensions ?

Tasmin ♥


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