Rebel Fleur

Hey Guys this is my first post on my new 'beauty blog' .. just a place for me to ramble on about the going-on's in my life and my LOVE for MAKE-UP !!!  I'l also post product reviews, tutorials, up-coming product launches and some videos when I get round to it. Anyway, for my first post I thought I would write about some of my favourite products that I use regularly.  So I used to wear a tun of make-up every day, which took me a while to apply and caused my make-up to run out very quickly. Iv gradually managed to reduce it down, and stick to only a few products during the day time.

First off I use a base before any foundations, I have two which I absolutely love ;

The first one is called 'that gal' and its a primer by Benefit Cosmetics (http://www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk) and its around £21.00 but really worth the money. I feel that it makes foundation cover your face more easily and helps it stay on longer. Its a peachy/pink shade and isn't greasy or heavy like some moisturisers. The second one is called 'Skin Dew' and its from Virgin Vie (http://www.vieathome.com/) and its around £15.00. Skin Dew is a lot smaller than the first primer but you need only a tiny amount to cover the full face, so it does last a while. Its a sort of pearly pink shade and would suit most skin tones. You can also use it to highlight your cheek bones on top of liquid/cream/mousse foundations, I would definitely recommend you to try these products if you haven't already.

After my primers I use my concealer and foundation. My current concealer is from Rimmel London, and its very creamy and covers any imperfections and blemishes. You can purchase it from (
http://www.superdrug.com or just go in-store)  its around £5. I don't tend to use this too much as the foundation is more than enough. I have tried many different types and brands of foundations over the years and always seem to resort back to 'Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish'. This is a creamy foundation, which comes in a compact with a mirror and a sponge applicator which is handy if you need to re-apply throughout the day. They come in a variety of shades for all different skin tones. I currently use the shade 'Honey Beige' for every day wear and have 'Toasty Beige' (which is slightly darker) that I use when I have a tan or to contour my face when I am going for a night out. You can adjust the coverage of the foundation from medium to high, depending on how thick you want to apply it. For a medium coverage you should dampen the sponge and leave it dry for a fuller coverage. Flawless Finish is around £18.00 in Boots (http://www.boots.com/ or from any Elizabeth Arden Concession in Debenhams/Frasers/John Lewis) however Semi-Chem (http://www.semichem.co.uk/) sell it for £10.99.

 I received an amazing product as a gift for Christmas, which is called 'Blush Gloss' - £10 and its also from Virgin Vie. This is transparent gel/gloss formula and goes on the cheeks clear. It then works with the PH of your skin to determine which colour it turns. (Pale/Fair skin - light strawberry pink result and Medium/Darker skin - deep cherry pink/red result). This is AMAZING and definitely worth a try .. you can also use it on your lips and it turns different shades according to the PH of your skin ( the same as the cheeks ).

Finally I add some mascara and Lipstick. I have been using 'BAD gal lash mascara' - £16.50, from Benefit for a while now and wouldn't change it. Its one of the best mascaras I have used, it catches every lash doesn't clump them together. You can get this in a variety of shades but I tend to stick to the original black. I really really REALLY love PINK LIPSTICK !! .. Dark pink, baby pink, bright pink, reddy pink, coral pinks - I have loads of lipsticks and wear them every day. My favourites are from Rimmel London. One is a baby bubble-gum pink, and the other is a bit brighter. They are both GORGEOUS on and you don't have to constantly re-apply as they are both long-lasting, plus they are both around £5 .. amazing !!

These are the basic products I use day-to-day for work or if I don't plan on really going anywhere special, as I said earlier I tend not to wear too much make-up during the day, and leave all the rest (bronzers/highlighters/eye;brow;lip liners/self-tanners/false-lashes etc. ) for when I am going a night out.